Miranda Kerr for ELLE China

Writer / Creative Director:  Dana Poblete // Photographer:  Chris Colls // Stylist/Producer: Ise White


A pretty woman saunters into Brooklyn Studios, and by the depths of her dimples I recognize her as Miranda Kerr.  Another hint is the rosehip oil–induced radiance that beams out from behind a pair of sunglasses, and yet another is the toddler in her arms, Flynn, sporting the coolest mini moto jacket.  There’s no brigade of bodyguards, just a tiny entourage consisting of Flynn’s nanny and Miranda’s massage therapist.  Defying any stereotypes of the “supermodel,” she wastes no time getting into hair and makeup and within the hour is camera-ready.

It might be that the team is full of Miranda’s old mates—makeup artist Rosemarie Swift, who is the surrogate mom to Miranda’s little Yorkshire Terrier, Frankie; and photographer Chris Colls, who first shot Miranda at the tender age of 14.  He says he must have photographed her “about half a million times now.”  In conversation with some fellow-Aussies (she calls them all ‘mate’), Miranda unleashes a playful twang rarely heard in interviews and appearances, and the young girl from the country town of Gunnedah seems more real than the top model who’s been totally glamourized through her famous stint as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and graceful transition into high fashion campaigns.

. . .

DP: Did you ever go through an awkward stage in your youth?

MK: Yeah, of course.  I think that’s inevitable for any human.  It’s part of human growth to go through the awkward periods in appearance where you’re not feeling as comfortable in your skin, and I think that it’s a daily practice to be confident and comfortable in your own skin.  There are things that you can do to support your body so that you feel your best, which is why I’m so fascinated by nutrition and psychology, the way that your mind affects the body.  Everything’s interrelated—what we think, the way we feel, what we put into our bodies, how we treat ourselves.  So when I have a moment I’m like, ‘okay, I’ll just get a little massage,’ so then I give more.  When you give yourself the time, then you give so much more to your family and to your work. And I think that’s a really important lesson that I’ve learned.  Otherwise I would just get burnt out.

. . .

DP: In your own experience, what is the best thing about being a mother?

MK: Well, everything’s good for me, even the hard times.  This morning he was having a little bit of a tantrum, but even I love that.  It’s just cute because it’s part of his growth.  It’s just important to just be able to hold that loving space for him, so that he can grow and be who he is meant to be.  I’m there to support him and give him love and make sure his needs are met, with food and education.  Then he can blossom into a wonderful individual that he’s supposed to be.

. . .

DP: Can you share some of your best beauty secrets?

MK:  I have so many, cause I’m so passionate about the way everything works together.  Well, coconut oil is very multi-purposeful—you can cook with it, remove makeup with it.  It’s really good.  It’s great for your hair as well.  Also, simple things like having a cucumber in the fridge and cutting it and putting it on your eyes is really soothing.  And then my rosehip oil every night.  The KORA Organics rosehip oil is amazing.  It really minimizes pores, it has essential fatty acids, all your omegas to really rejuvenate the skin.  And if I’m flying, I take my makeup off, I mist my face, and then I put on the KORA Luxurious Rosehip Oil.  It’s really good.  It also is pH-balanced.  If you have oily skin, it’s good for both oily and dry skin, so it balances out the skin.

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