Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

Writer/Producer: Dana Poblete // Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth // Fashion Director: Kenneth Goh


The streets of London are congested during the Chelsea Flower Show, and my driver is taking me through dead-end alleys in seemingly the most roundabout way to get from Shoreditch to Battersea.  I grow a little impatient because I really don’t want to be late for Victoria Beckham.  This is a woman who is perfectly put together in the latest incarnation of her style: chic, polished Celine-esque minimalism which hangs impossibly, elegantly on her petite frame (exactly how she achieves this without being swallowed up is an anomaly).  She helms a young and rapidly expanding Ready-to-Wear line – her own namesake – and an offshoot line called Victoria, all the while raising four children and maintaining a marriage of fourteen years to famous footballer, David Beckham.  Being late for a first-time meeting is not the impression I want to make on Mrs. Beckham.

I arrive at her Battersea design studio at just about 9:00 am on the dot.  Whew.  But she’s not here yet.  “The traffic,” says one of her staff.  It’s all right with me; like I said, she’s got a lot going on. I flip through a rag—which she later testifies is not hers—and sip an espresso offered to me by one of her kind staff, and in no time I’m approached by Victoria Beckham herself, wearing a beautiful wool and pony hair coat of her own design.  My first thought is, she’s super-pretty.  She whisks me back into a conference room, where a lovely spread of fruit awaits her, for which she sweetly thanks her assistant, Sarah.  The clean, white palette of her offices is tasteful and a reflection of the clean cuts she now favours in her wardrobe.  Poster-sized photographs hang on the wall, including a handsome portrait of her husband.  And so we begin a conversation about her two passions – family and fashion.

First and foremost, Victoria Beckham is a mother and a wife.  It’s not exactly the way she imagined life would be; it’s much more.  “When I was younger, I wasn’t one of these young girls that dreamt of getting married and having children at all.  I was always very ambitious, and I knew that I wanted a career.  It wasn’t until I met David that it even occurred to me to get married,” she confesses.  There wasn’t a hotter couple in Britain at the time, and women around the world aspired to the look and lifestyle of a footballer’s wife, an image that Victoria unintentionally popularized.  “I never look back at pictures and cringe, because I think everything was good at it’s time, and I was expressing myself,” she declares.

* * *

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